Saturday, 10 August 2013


Hola Amigos!

Today I spoke like a Mexican, looked like a Mexican and ate like a Mexican. Okay... maybe I didn't speak like one but I yelled "Amigo!" and "Tacos!" when it felt necessary.

It was my cousins Mexican themed lunch party on a roof top/balcony and the amount of effort that went into it was amazing. It was a real fiesta with sombreros, moustaches, ponchos and inflatable cacti. Claire made all those beautiful decorations and signs (Including one labelled "This is a Mexican Bin" for all our food scraps). I made a taco t-shirt which I'll blog about tomorrow with another little diy possibly :) I am honestly exhausted so I'll keep this quick and I think the pictures speak for themselves!

I hope everyone had an entertaining Saturday - and get some sleep kiddies,

AdiĆ³s! Tacos!

- N xx

**Update: You can find the DIY Taco shirt here **


  1. :) your blog is lovely! You also did such a great job with the Mexican decor

    Kisses from Sharon

    1. Aw thank you thank you!

      credit goes to Claire for the creative decor; she's so talented!

      Hope you had a great weekend xx



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