Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Birthday season is up and running!

Well to be fair birthdays are spread across the year and it never really has a start or finish... BUT around August to December it seems to be the birthday climax with calendars filled to the brim.  And with birthdays, comes one of the most challenging tasks out there - gift purchasing.

It's hard to get right because our tastes as individuals vary greatly. Something you find mind-blowingly perfect might actually be a cringe worthy "better-store-this-at-the-bottom-of-my-closet-until-they-visit" type of gift to them. And those types of gifts are awkward on both sides: giving and receiving.

Occasionally (or often, if gift giving is a breeze for you) you see something and it seems to have their name all over it and you know you can't go wrong. After all this birthday discussing it seems only fair to mention the saviour to us indecisive gift givers which comes in the form of a wish-list.

For me a wish list is a bit like window shopping in the way that I don't actually expect anything, I just enjoy looking at things and playing the "if only I was a millionaire" game.

Enjoy your cakes,

- N xx

- basically my online window shopping findings - 
This adorable "Sailor Sling Bag" from City Beach / Source
Bright Sunflower Headband - Preparations for Summer! / Source

Being a slight (emphasis on slight) health freak I love this self filtering water bottle. / Source 
In love with these faded short overalls another preparation for Summer / Source

I generally avoid animal print but I can't help being obsessed with this Tiger print backpack / Source
Adore this board - just look at that design but then... who doesn't love Sector 9?! / Source
Light wash denim Skater Skirt - Just impossible not to love / Source

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