Tuesday, 24 December 2013


"It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas..."

Merry Christmas Fawnlings!

The holidays have begun and I feel incredibly free. All those books, tv shows and movies I can start, catch up and finish not to mention the endless free time... I'm hopelessly inlove with the Summer Holidays. 

As a belated birthday present/early christmas present my parents gave me a pair of brand new rollerskates. I love them to bits already and went for a skate at the local park to try them out with my cousin and sister. I wore some grey skinny jeans and a "Florence & the Machine" band tee with a throw-over checkered shirt. A laid back outfit for chilling out (which I'll be doing a lot of - yay).

Have a wonderful Chirstmas,

- N xx


  1. u cutie omg those skates r super stylish love xx merry christmas!!

    1. aw thanks kazza u r 2 kind xx happy new year!!



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