Wednesday, 8 January 2014


So consider this the first real post for the year. 
Since I have time to sit down and think about what I want to say here's a little heart-to-heart text post. 

Firstly... Happy New Year Fawnlings!

It's a fresh new start, a new slate and a year full of adventure & new beginnings. This year I'm venturing to new places and trying out a variety of things out of my comfort zone. Though that is undeniably terrifying, I cant hide my excitement and curiosity. 

Those who know me in person probably know this already, but this year I've decided to go to school in Japan for roughly 4 months (April to July). I'm half Japanese and I've been to Japan multiple times but somehow I still can't get my head around the fact that I am going to become a "new kid" in a country other than Australia. I'm still unsure as to what will happen to my blog while I'm away; are any of you interested in my travels? Or shall I take an Internet detox?...

Secondly; New Years Goals!

Resolutions are generally a bit of a love/hate topic so I'll just refer to them as my New Year Goals which aren't really anything overly concrete year but regardless I'd like to share them.

  • Structured sleep:
  • Too many late nights, too many sleep-ins and shikes-I'm-going-to-miss-the-bus-again's. My sleeping patterns definitely need some work. Overall better health decisions! 
  • Get out (of the house)
  • I need to tell myself this more and venture outside. Fresh air is good for the soul! 
  • Pen & Paper Project:
  •  I want to write and draw more and try to use my journal daily. I'm currently keeping a day-to-day journal in Japanese which is hard but in the future I'll be able to look back at it 
  • Comfort:
  • ditch the comfort zone and try new things! 

And as for this blog what are you all interest to see? I love day-to-day outfit posts but I'd like to think there's more to me than that. This year I'm going to aim to change it up. What do you all want to see? I appreciate any comments, in real life or online :) 

And finally, just want to say a big thank you for anyone who takes the time out of their day to read my blog. 

I love you all to bits and send you all a huge cyber hug,

- N xx


  1. Love your blog! Would love to see some vlogs maybe? :D

  2. Agree!!! Some gifs + giveaways/promos?! ��

  3. Please post about your time in Japan! I love travel posts! Best wishes to you! xx

  4. did you get get around to vlogging in japan?

    1. Haven't left yet! Leaving for Japan in almost two weeks :)



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