Friday, 14 February 2014


Zucchini, Poppy & Kiwi sitting on my windowsill
Who needs boys when you have fabulous friends? - And would it be weird to frame that wrapping paper cause I'm in love...

Happy Valentines Day Fawnlings!

I've had the most lovely day and its all thanks to my amazing parabatai Shanni - she is honestly the most wonderful person you will ever meet and to top off that - her blog is the bomb-diggity. 

This post is a bit of a photo jumble but it comprises of;

-last Sunday when I spent the day knee-boarding (basically water skiing on your knees), succulent loving and admiring my cousins sweet little sailing boat
-australia day dinner party 
-sunrise photos from my roof when my body-clock is out of whack
-bits of my room

Had some SD card troubles but hopefully my blogging will be back on track from now on! 

Love you all,

- N xx

P.S. thanks to Emily for her fabulous baking skills and Devanshi for her editing advice - happy valentines day girlies! 


  1. I wish my friends were so lovely as to make me Valentines presents! and that wrapping paper is absolutely adorable! :)

    x Erin

    1. They are wonderful! And yes I adore the paper ahaha :)

      - N xx

  2. All your photos are admirable, I swear, you really do know how to take some rad pictures! Life is looking good for you, I hope all is well. x


    1. Aww thanks Rachel! Life is really good at the moment and your photography is amazing too! Thanks for reading my blog :)

      - N xx



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