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Hello Fawnlings!

It`s been too long since we last spoke! I`ve been having such a great time here that it didn`t seem to matter that I didn`t have access to a computer in which I can upload/blog and all that jazz. Its my final month here and it has flown by so incredibly quickly that I`m still in disbelief. Everyone`s been so lovely to me that it feels like I`ve known them all for forever. It will definitely break my heart to say goodbye. I`m trying to stay in the moment though, and not start to say farewell too soon. The best way to do this is by having as much fun as I possibly can with my friends and not look at the calendar too often. I`ve realised one of my many fears is countdowns. They make me feel so hopeless in the hands of time!

These photos are from a while back, when I visited a small Japanese zoo with my Aunty. We cycled around the town and visited a shrine beforehand and it was all-in-all a great day. I felt very young in a good way, getting excited about animals and iceblocks with no tests or stress clouding my mind. It reminded me of that carefree time in primary school where little things made you squeal and there was no suffocating feeling that sometimes growing up can bring. I hope you all are well and it would make me smile to see some comments on how you`re all doing.

My little reminder to you for this week is to take a step back. We really have no control over the absurd thing we call time so whether you feel old or young, be grateful for the people around you and don`t get caught up thinking about the future. The funny thing is there is no such thing as a tangible future. I`m about to get all deep and start talking about how there isn`t really a present moment either but I think you get the gist of it.

This post was a little lengthy but I had to make up for the lost time,

As always, lots of love from across the ocean,

- N xx

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