Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Long time no sea...

Seeing as the place I lived in Japan was far from the ocean and the weather since I've gotten back has been fairly tempermental - it's fairly safe to say I was craving some sand and sunshine. It feels like medidation just by being near the pull of the ocean and it felt so good being at one with the waves.

Ironically, though this day was wonderful and just how I hoped it would be, I can't shake off the gloomy stormcloud feeling that yearlies bring. For all fellow sufferers, just think in all Bob the Builder spirit; we can do this - yes we can. It's stressful, time-consuming and a mentally straining game of self-control versus procrastination (a battle that I am currently losing) but I am certain that we will pull through.

I look forward to a time when I can post more without feeling the twinge-of-guilt I do now -

I believe in you all,

- N x

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