Tuesday, 25 November 2014


 Hello sweet fawnlings,

Hope you're all just as starry eyed and sleep-deprived as I am! Formal was last night and courtesy of Amy's make-up salon we all got fairly fancy and goodness that girl has a collection. 82 make up brushes, over a hundred nail polishes and I don't even dare to count the eye-shadow palettes.

To be honest I find it unbelievable that the end of the year is drawing so close. It seems that as I age -time speeds up, and according to my mum this feeling only increases. The end of the year always has a bittersweet feeling; this year it's because one of my close friends is moving schools and the next two years I know will be tough. Although my favourite number admittedly is 5 - so I'm hoping 2015 will be a special one!

Keep happy and sparkly,

- N xx


  1. You absolute princess you! You looked so gorgeous and I hope you had a wonderful night!

    Also, here's a fun fact for you: our perceptions of time do change as we get older, because think of it this way: when you're 3 years old, a year is a whole third of your life. When you're 10 a year is down to only being 1/10ths of your life, when you hit 20 it's only 1/20th. So, as you get older the fraction of your life that a year represents keeps getting smaller and smaller, which is why they seem to go faster!

  2. You looked /so/ gorgeous!!!!!!! Formal is like prom, I assume? It always seems like a magical night where one transitions into the next stage of life. Sounds incredibly amazing, I hope it was so for you too :-)



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