Wednesday, 24 December 2014


It's Christmas Eve Fawnlings!

Two days ago, some friends trekked to Stanwell Park for Andy's 16th. On the train there my dad called with some "sad news" and it turned out that my bunny Cuddles, had passed away. She was a grey mass of fluff and despite being a Netherland dwarf rabbit, had a double chin and was the size of an overfed cat. So this post is dedicated to her and I hope her heaven is a big grassy field to hop about in.

Emily and I partook in some rock-climbing and discovered a cave that was gradually disappearing with the high tide. Kiara somehow convinced me to got for a mad night swim (love ya girlie) and although it being -123874 degrees it was 100% worth it. We ran about with sparklers and avoided washed up fish -eek! We had to sprint for the night train and despite my boots being filled with sand and heaving like an asthmatic - we made it. 

Keep an eye out for Santa tonight - I hope this year I'll finally get to pat a reindeer,

((Happy Birthday Andy!))

- N x

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