Thursday, 1 January 2015


Welcome to 2015 Fawnlings!

It's been two years blogging and though it's certainly taken commitment and effort I can happily say that I love it. I hit 30,000 page hits last night and although personally it's a sweet little milestone, to me the most fascinating aspect is seeing where they all come from. I haven't travelled to most of the countries you're all from but to think there's people from around the globe that take the time to read Antlered Fawn every once in a while takes my breath away. Just this morning I've had readers from Netherlands, Taiwan, Germany, Ireland, Canada & Poland - I really can't put into words how much that blows my mind. 

For me, this is a platform to show parts of my life whether it's outings or keeping up with friends while traveling. Thank you to every single one of you whether you're subscribed or a one time visitor. I still can't believe anyone keeps up with my fairly average day-to-day life and I just wish I could give you all massive hugs and do silly things like have movie marathons together or go swimming at night.

I hope the new year brings us closer and I'll be putting more energy and love into Antlered Fawn. It's been odd to talk about in an actual post but heck, I love you all so much. 

These photos were taken after watching the sunrise in New Years at the beach and I hope that some of what I was feeling travels through the photos and hugs you in the heart. A little hopeful, a little scared and a lot excited; here's to a good one; here's to 2015!

Yours affectionately,

- N x


  1. Your photos are always my favourite ♥

  2. Happy new year Nina! Keep doing what you do best - photography, that is!


    1. Thanks Rachel! Likewise, Happy New Year and I hope 2015 is a great year for you! x



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