Saturday, 14 March 2015


Hola Fawnlings!

Been a little while since my last current post after all those Tassie and Japan flashbacks. 

So, I thought I would fast forward and give a little update into life at the moment! I am mid half-year exams which is insane as it is only March but that’s senior years so they tell me. I’ve been surviving by downloading all these BBC Live Lounge covers and religiously listening to San Cisco’s new album GRACETOWN and bingeing on pre-Easter chocolate. I’ve finalised most of my plans for heading back to Japan in a couple weeks (eek!) and have spent all of today procrastinating by painting 6 watercolours?! 

Hope you’re all well and that these exams are all a breeze *giggles nervously

- N xx


  1. i love this shoot so so so much, and the ones with your little sister are literally mindblowing, she's literally like a mini you! gorgeous as always x

    1. thanks rachel! ahaha its funny how I never used to think we looked alike but looking at these photos I can see some resemblance?! x

    2. i think the resemblance is more clear in this shoot, aha! also by any chance were you at the san cisco concert in sydney earlier this year? ;o

    3. yep I was there! I've seen them three times now eee ahahha x

    4. ahhh i'm so jealous!! i think i perhaps saw you- were you with alice? i was the strange person who went up to you guys and was like hey are you alice?? o u o



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