Friday, 10 April 2015


Konichiwa Fawnlings!

After a 10 hour movie marathon my sisters and I arrived in Japan on Wednesday night. A chilly 9 degrees, colder than anticipated seeing as it's Spring going into Summer here. Watched an absurd Japanese film called "Princess Jellyfish" alongside "The Theory of Everything", "Birdman" and "The Judge". It was an entertaining film perhaps solely because it was nothing like what I usually watch (Hikikomori is the Japanese word for a social recluse, this film being about one who falls in love with a cross-dresser).

Yesterday, I went for a walk with Carmi with my fisheye phone lens in tow, we discovered a path in the bamboo forest. We followed it up the slope until a roof came into view. At first we thought perhaps it was of the many abandoned houses in the mountains but upon closer inspection we discovered to our delight that it was in fact an old temple. We payed our respects and observed the solemn structure in awe. On our walk back I dropped my little lens and so spent a good ten minutes retracing our steps and scrambling up and down the path until I found it tucked beside a piece of bark.

Will keep you all up to date,

Stay well n warm,

- N xx


  1. ahh i love these photos nina!!! 本当に「小林」って感じだね〜

    1. thanks kazza hehe small forests are in my blood Xxx

  2. Such beautiful photos!

    1. Thank you Neve! I actually lost my lens in Japan whoops! xx

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! It was very surreal! Xx



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