Monday, 8 June 2015


Hello Fawnlings!

A scattered post but an update nonetheless! To begin, I've started darkroom and film developing at school and it brings the biggest smile to my life. Being able to experiment with photography in a new setting and reworking what I know turns the school I usually associate with, upside down and inside out. 

I've been spending more of my time "loosely" in a spontaneous way - picture Angela and I dancing in Hyde park to Florence and the Machine's "Swimming" with some little kids and that sums up the past few weekends. As an obligatory sydney-sider I visited Vivid on a Wednesday night; prime time for small crowds and being in the city mid-week always feels good.

The last couple of location shots are from an art studio/workshop I went to on Saturday and some mix cd's I made on Friday night for friends. I always like making mix's, the earliest one I remember getting was from my second cousin who gave me 8 year old dancing tunes, ones about white horses and fruit salad. Over the years I've gotten attached to new bands through Shanni and her valentines and wicked birthday mix's & while I was overseas I got two surprise cd's in the mail from Odessa that made me so happy. I spent many afternoons playing Laura Marling, the Preatures and Mystery Jets and dancing around the room. 

Hope you all have a splendid week, saving some time to let loose and spin around!

- N xx

Extra tidbits:
  • if you'd like to trade music recommendations send me an ask on tumblr
  • on that note; thank you for all the sweet messages last week! I went through my ask box while I was sick on Friday and almost got teary from you silly sweet people <3 big hugs to y'all
  • dinner is currently cooking in the campfire, so I'll be off in a sec but again if anything is on your mind feel free to message anytime, if I can ever do anything for any of you in return it'd make me so happy :-)


  1. Hi, so I'm a junior at SGGHS, and I see you around a lot, but I'm always to shy to say hi or anything, because I'm scared you'll think I'm a stalker or something and you're always with friends. But I just wanted to say that I really like your blog and you seem really cool ^_^

    1. Awww hello! this is such a cute message it made me smile so much! please feel free to say hi - I hope I don't appear intimidating ahaha I'd love to talk to you!

      - N xx

      p.s. sorry it took a week for me to reply I'm usually more on top of things :)



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