Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Happy Holidays Fawnlings!

This is a bit of a flashback post as I've only recently been able to look back at the photos with the bittersweet feeling being bearable. That's what travel and living in another place does - your heart just ends up crumbling into pieces all over the place and its not a clean cut down the middle, but a rather blurry mess. Perhaps its the fact that through social media I can see the everyday happenings of my friends there and they seem to be just beyond my fingertips. I crave simple day-to-day conversations face to face and joking around between classes. We're all happy where we are but somehow still wish to be in other places. The globes a funny thing wrapped in an invisible internet net and it can be deceiving; instantaneous communication while you're oceans apart.

I know I'll cringe when I read this over in the morning but for now that's how I feel, happy but a little lost and confused. I had a dream last night I was back with them and I woke up feeling disorientated in my own bed.

Will be back to ramble again,

Much love

- N xx


  1. beautiful photos. I lived in France for a couple of months by myself last year, and it was always so surreal seeing photos from friends back in Australia and getting emails from family members. They always seemed so close, even though they were all the way on the other side of the world! Hope you feel better this morning, much love x

    Zoë x - Bramble and Lace

  2. A very relatable feeling, I'd say. I'm often in another country during the days I'd wish i'd rather not be, and it's a solemn feeling of being torn between the two. Social media can either definitely dismiss or enhance that feeling though. Glad to know i'm not the only one who feels the same way!
    and as Zoë said, gorgeous photos as always. x



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