Monday, 28 September 2015


It can be hard to capture that crisp summer air, the void of the night sky and the brief and blurry day to day laughs. But when you do - you can look back and grin at the times where you know that despite it all, with these people by your side you're set for the twisty turns of the rabbit hole that is life.

Stumbling across a pool of sunlight that warms your face and makes you feel at ease can't be measured with dollar signs or rankings of any sort, and that simple fact never ceases to comfort me while simultaneously motivating me to keep expanding what I know and can feel. To take notice of the things that bother me and actively do my bit for positive change. To remind myself that sometimes its okay to stop the task that I've started, to dance with my sister, or run outside to see the full moon and go on adventures.

I know the upcoming school terms at times will overwhelm me. My body will go into shock and I won't know how to stay on track. For regular readers you may've noticed I often dedicate posts to future versions of myself. I guess it's because the best person you can have supporting you is yourself. At least for me, the biggest hurdles are often mental conflictions or familiar feelings of procrastination, detachment and while a spiderweb of support can do so much, its only you living in your head.

So this is getting quite lengthy, but I want to end with a few words of advice. Turn negative energy into a positive driving force. If it builds up, release it through running or crazy dancing. Remember school counts but also remember the marks aren't what you'll be looking back to in 10 years. Learning to function with knots in your stomach and being there for your friends, family and yourself.

All this is corny as a corn field but tonight the universe feels especially big - voids can be scary but they also mean infinite possibilities. We've got this!

- N xx


  1. your writing feels so nostalgic and makes me so happy

  2. Amazing photos and words. I know I'll feel the same with the graduating school year. best of luck to you and the balance we should all seek! x

    1. thanks rachel!! fingers crossed that it works out for the both of us! xx



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