Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Sixteen going on seventeen...You wait, little girl on an empty stage / For fate to turn the light on 

Hello Fawnlings!

Took a couple photos with Alice post-free-churros and the rare sunshine on my birthday made me one happy gal. A friend just recommended this song if you have a free minute or so check it out, it's making me laugh so much.

Just finished my prelims this morning so celebratory eating a chocolate muffin (ta alice) and jamming out. Also mid-exam study break  yesterday, I got my WILD copy signed by Troye Sivan and Tyde - the cutest boys, will get the proper pics with them developed soon and fingers crossed they come out well.

Without exams I feel buoyant but also a little lost - what am I meant to be doing in my free time again?

Stay well friends and also thank you to the people who said hi while at the CD signing, was a little zoned out that day ahaha but your sweet comments warmed my heart!


- N xx

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