Sunday, 24 January 2016


Bit of a farmer Joe stay for this particular part of our NZ trip. It always puts me in a good mood goofing around with animals and exploring, it puts fresh air into my lungs n rids me of the stale blood that can accumulate living what my mum likes to call the 'mushroom life' which consists of sitting in front of a laptop or phone in the dark haha.

I've been keeping a 365 journal and for this particular day theres almost a record number of exclamation marks and words like; puppies! adorable! Tacos! for! dinner! (ate a mint chocolate kit kat!) Seems to be more of an indepth look at my daily diet... Regardless if I can keep it up it'll be something good to look back on!

Love! You! All! (cept the twat boys I know you can all rack off :--))

School tomorrow yikey crikey

- N xx

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