Sunday, 18 August 2013


Street art in Lewisham

The first pizza table I have ever seen! I was probably overly excited ahaha 

Hey there fawnling, 

Hope your weekends are off to a good start! The 40hour Famine has begun so good luck to everyone!

Today was a surprise birthday lunch for my wild friend Anna (You can find her blog here) in Newtown. 
I began the day by visiting the Glebe Markets and finding some pretty spiffy items and a whole lot of jewellery. We met the stunning Isabelle Cornish who was wearing some gorgeous pink sunnies. My gorgeous friend Miela who wears a heck of a lot of cool printed crops convinced me to get this floral crop and I also thrifted small black chiffon shorts which I already adore. It's always great to have a little denim break now and again and this treasure will be easy to mix and match. 

Speaking of chiffon, today's outfit consisted of a white striped chiffon blouse which I "permanently borrowed" from my mum because I saw the potential in the collar. I paired this with a simple black skirt which had a flower lace trimming to give texture. I adapted this outfit from the one I wore to my sisters drama showcase on Wednesday which is pictured above with the DIY Clear Envelope Clutch, tights and pink woolen jumper. 

For lunch we went to a cafe called "Twelve" (which reminded me of "The Grounds" in Alexandria). As I mentioned earlier the 40hr Famine begun on Friday night and since I am giving up Furniture I had to eat my lunch awkwardly standing/squatting next to my friends. For future goers I recommend the Iced Chocolate which was delish.

Overall an exciting jam-packed Saturday! Happy Birthday Anna!


- N xx


  1. Aw great post Ninz!!!!!! Gosh these photos are amazing! Thanks so much for coming to celebrate with me! Love ya, peace out see ya next year xxxxxxxxxx

    1. Aaw no worries! I had such a great time doing squats next to the table ;)

      Thank the heavens that the 40 hour famine is over!

      I forgot to give you you'r card but I'll give it to you tomorrow :)

      - N xx

  2. Love the collared shirt and black short OUTFIT!!!! SOOO NICE ♥

    1. oops they are the same outfit... HAHHA sorry yes i like it

    2. Ahaha no worries!

      I love love your matte shorts from your Tavi post :)

      HOW WAS TMI??! Can't wait to see you on Sunday - two weeks in a row!

      - N xxxx



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