Sunday, 18 August 2013


My gorgeous friend Shanni (You can find her blog here)

Tavi Gevinson. A seemingly flawless, fascinatingly, interesting intellectual who I had the undescribable pleasure of meeting today. She gave a talk at the Sydney Opera House that I attended with three friends and it left us all, I believe, equally speechless with our minds blown. 

Tavi Gevinson had a real down to earth nature and you couldnt help but want to be best friends with her. She was so relatable and had such a clarity of mind and such articulated ideas and thought paths that it seemed she was very connected with that voice in the back of our minds. One of my favorite bits was when, during the Audience Q&A someone asked what she had planned for the future and Tavi replied; "All I can say is I have a folder on my desktop labelled 'World Domination'". I honestly enjoyed it so much and have seemingly become increasingly attached to her, her way of thought and her personality. 

Afterwards I was lucky enough to meet her and get a picture signed! I attempted to not let my inner fan girl flip out and initially couldn't speak. Then Shanni asked her a question and the cat let go of my tongue. We had an entertaining conversation on Taylor Swift and found out some exclusive information which I won't disclose ;) 

Today's outfit was predominately black with a shimmery shirt from "Papers Scissors" and the black shorts (Sportsgirl) I got yesterday at the Glebe Markets. 

I sincerely hope you all had an equally exciting Sunday,

(I have a whole heap of study, essays and revision I have been procrastinating to do but I won't bore you with that.)

Sweet dreams,

- N xx

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