Saturday, 31 August 2013


The Fray: How to Save a Life / Lily Allen: It's not me, It's you / Boy & Bear: With Emperor Antartica
 / Gyroscope: Cohesion

Hey there fawnling,

In the past few weeks I've gone slightly "market crazy". (Market adventures can be found here & here). Apart from going to one every second weekend - it's basically losing your sanity because there's so many great items, bargains and clothes that your head can't seem to keep up. Which I have to admit is probably the best way to go insane. Today I visited one of my favourite markets - the Glebe Markets - with my lovely cousin Sarah. Per usual I bought a ton and you can see the pictures from my haul above. 

For both dresses I bought I really like the back cutout designs. I bought a crystal quartz and leather necklace as well as a metallic flower chain piece. The four CDs were a dollar each (bargain!) and I also bought a handmade silhouette cutout for my Aunty's Birthday.

Today, I wore a light silk shirt with black shorts with my hair out. I've been putting off getting a haircut because I like it at this length but sometime in the near future I'll be getting it trimmed. 

Don't forget it's Fathers day tomorrow! 

- N xx

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