Monday, 26 August 2013


The intense affects of the movie. 

Who can guess/recognises what rune this is? / From my DIY Charm bracelet!

Hey there fawnling,

Today (Yesterday - sorry! meant to post on Sunday) I went to see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones with my parabatai Shanni (you can find her blog here). She also blogged her opinion under "Have a little faith" - and I always manage to read that quote with a hot Jace voice speaking inside my head. We saw it at Broadway after lunch and it. was. intense. In a really good way! I started reading the series in year 6 which was three years ago and have always been a major (MAJOR) fan. I'm really proud of the way they transferred the book onto the screen and though some fans had doubts after seeing the trailer, I have to say I really liked the way they made it. You adore Jace by the end of the movie and Simon is well... perfect. 

The story line is clear and the character development was quite strong. If I did have any negatives it was that by the end of the movie I wasn't very emotionally attached to Alec or Luke. But that's probably because you gradually love them more - so lets pray for a City of Ashes Movie! When watching a movie like this, its important to keep in mind that they did have to cut out some sections/details otherwise it would have been a 5 hour movie! I do think they kept true to the book and knowing that Cassandra Clare had a role in creating it, reassures me of the choice of cast.

This outfit was a DIY maxi dress (thanks Patricia) paired with my new white sandals! In love is an understatement when it comes to new sandals. I matched it with a white bow-belt and a black jacket to cool the stripes and some cute sunnies from Anna (her blog is here).

As always; keep an open minded - be critical but not cruel, 

and in the words of Ellen Degeneres "Be kind to one another!"

- N xx



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