Thursday, 26 September 2013


Photographer: Thomas Carr / All images are raw (unedited)

Internet at last! I've been spending these summer days down the south coast and therefore have been internet-less. I had such a great time (I am still finding sand in all corners of my clothes and my hair is still salty!) But more about that later... Rewind to Sunday:


My cousins came over and we spent the afternoon at the local park. I made a daisy chain and taught my sister how to make them (surprisingly simple). My cousin Thomas, who like me is a slight camera addict, took these photos (thank you!) and my cousin Luka made the skateboard.
I wore a simple dress with a floral pattern that looked very venetian (hence the blog title) and my black jellies. The sunset created such lovely golden lighting and the weather was perfect for a pretty frock!

Hope you're all getting your daily dosage of sunshine,

- N xx

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