Friday, 27 September 2013


A beach sculpture I made / A shark out of shark eggs

Shark eggs up close

(not my photo) This is what the water looked like

(not my photo) Bioluminescence

Hello fawnlings!

I just had one of the most sandy, salty and fun weeks ever. I swam at least twice a day and got to stay up all night talking to two of my closest friends Odessa and Christiane. We stayed at a beach house in Currarong, in a cabin at the back of the garden detached from the main house. There was a local beach 5 minutes away and the weather was perfect for swimming. Odessa's dad taught us how to surf and we also went on a bush walk in the nearby national park. There were cliffs and caves and we swam in Honeysuckle Bay. 

We also went on a midnight swim and holy crap was it magical. At first we thought it'd just be a swim of freezing liberation but it was a lot more than that. There was bioluminescence in the water so I literally felt I was in "Life of Pi", "Avatar" or "Nim's Island". As you swam the ripples lit up and it looked like there were hundreds of stars in the water. It was mindblowingly breathtaking and was one of the most raw experiences of nature I have ever seen. 

We watched sunrises and sunsets and ate marshmallows at 5:00am on the sand. It'll definitely be a week I'll always remember. 

Go for a swim fawnlings and enjoy the numbing of your toes and the sand in your hair,

- N xx

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  1. WOWOW that water looks amazing ♥_♥ *puts this place on my bucketlist* ACTUALLY ITS SO AMAZING WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK.



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