Tuesday, 8 October 2013


I love this photo so I had to include it but it was taken at about 4:30am and so consequently I am wearing a dress, a jumper and then because I was cold; pajama pants underneath. Highly fashionable I assure you!

my talented cousin (check out her instagram @missnecrophelia) 

This is just a quick photo update from my week up at Murwillambah and the Gold Coast. It was a crazy nine hour "roadtrip" with my family - we left at 4:30am and got there (after breaks) at around 8pm. I've been reading Wuthering Heights and entertaining myself by doodling in my notebook.

The coast is just the most beautiful location and the perfect way to spend my second week of the holidays. I went to Sea World, Movie World and Wet n' Wild and went on all the waterslides and rollercoasters. I have to admit though I've become immune to rollercoasters since my trip to Japan last year where I went to the rollercoaster park; Fuji-Q Highland. It has the world's fastest, world's steepest and rollercoaster with the most loops (in the world). And yes me being the adrenalin junkie I am, went on all three.

Back to the Gold Coast! I stayed at my cousin's amazing house and spent my days at theme parks, the beach and on my famly friend's banana farm. On the farm I got to pick paw paw's, and got to go around the farm in the back of a tractor.

It all as always, went by too quickly and I hope you're all surviving the beginning of Term 4
(someone stole my wallet yesterday I MEAN FIRST DAY BACK; REALLY?!)

But I'm about to go make some lemonade and go to a yoga class so focus on the good things right?

- N xx

PS. HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY SHANNI! You are the loveliest, most fashionable and one of my closest friends in the whole entire world! I've known you for 5 years (holy crap I feel old, so that's a third of my life) and you're always the person I can spaz out with and yet still get all deep and meaningful with. Go check out her crazy amazing blog here and Shanni, I know you'll have the most wonderful year yet - I love you to the moon and back xx

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