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URBAN PANCAKES/ Issue 02 Review

"At the beginning of 2012, Andrew and Jaymes decided to start a zine dedicated to the young and the young at heart. Urban Pancakes is the fruit of their (mostly very enjoyable) labour - filled with cartoons, writing, poetry, and Andrew's charming illustrations, it's the zine equivalent of walking into a gelato store with every flavour imaginable. Each issue contains a short story, a selection of free art, and guest contributions from an incredibly talented array of up-and-coming artists and poets. You'll love Urban Pancakes because it's fun, and it's pretty, and because you're a very special person."

Aloha fawnlings,

In this post I mentioned I received a zine from the lovely folk at the Manly Zine festival. The vine is called "Urban Pancakes" and is created by the talented Andrew Kim and Jaymes Carr.

I read it on the train home from Currarong and it was a delightful read with a combination of quirky drawings and short stories. It was entertaining but also made you think and laugh. I'm an avid reader of the magazines Frankie and Yen and this felt like the down-to-earth homemade quirky sibling. In a good way. It felt raw and relatable and yet quite polished. The lay out was aesthetically pleasing and the illustrations were unique and honest.

Basically you wont regret reading it so go check out their website;

If any of you know me in person you'd probably know I keep a journal with me everywhere I go. I enjoy writing short stories and I'm constantly drawing and designing. Creating a zine (self published mini-magazine) seems like a fun project so pretty please comment below ifyou'd be interested in reading. At the moment its just a thought drifting around in my head but maybe it'll happen...


- N xx

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  1. Hi Nina, This is Andrew from Urban Pancakes.

    Thank you for the lovely comment! It was indeed a pleasure to meet you at the Manly Zine Fair and just wanted to say you have an amazing blog. So talented in writing and in design at such a young age!

    Keep up your amazing writings and drawings, and hope to see you soon.

    - Andrew



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