Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Hello Fawnlings,

A big happy birthday to my gorgeous friend Stephanie! 
On Saturday, I ventured into the shire and had the most wicked time as the day switched from sunshine to hailstorm. Nevertheless I had a great time eating my own weight in food, lighting sparklers, pizza and charades.

This'll be a short text post as, per usual, there's a stack of work waiting lovingly at my desk. Hope you're all keeping up with your workloads and kicking procratination head-first though evidently I'm being a lilttle hypocritical here. Ahh yes the joy of maths studying! 

Love you all!

-N xx


  1. Hey
    I'm Sachis friends from school- she told me about your blog and I was just checking it out. It's amazing! I love your photos; they are all beautiful! Keep it up xx



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