Monday, 2 February 2015


A letter to my future self (& to others in similar situations);

The next few years come with a label of hard work, mental breakdowns and a heaving stressed out brain. Looking forward, it's assuredly daunting yet with that tingly sensation of unmarked terrain it brings excitement in the shape of fear. I want to tell this part of me in the future, whether I be (likely) panicking, stressed, hysterical or depressed - that I believe in you. And yes that's easy to say when I'm sitting safely nestled in the past, and you're carrying the baton but I know that soon enough you'll be sitting drinking an iced coffee with me and we'll be able to shake our heads and cheer on countless future versions of ourselves.

First, let me please remind you that no matter how tough life is appearing to be - the world in not yet ending. Of course human destruction of the planet will hit us with its consequences sooner than we think, but these deadlines and cramming will not physically destroy you or the universe.

Remember that you don't need a new year, a new week or sunrise to start again. Wherever you are in whatever state, all you need to do is take a big lungful of air then slowly release and the slate is clean. Let it clear your head and focus your energy on one task at a time. I know you well, and so far you've been a little bit lazy, tending to let things build up till they overwhelm and if this begins to happen just reset your sights and take one bridge at a time, word by word. It's another step in this life adventure and we'll give it all we've got.

You've got this, I promise.

- N xx


  1. Really needed to hear that!
    Thanks Nina for the wise words hehe. X


    1. glad to have helped ahaha I'm terrified tbh but just need to not let it get to me :)

  2. that last paragraph feels like me, to the core. I always put things off until the next hour, the next day or the beginning of next week. I really love this post, it kind of took me out of my day for a few minutes and reminded me to focus on the important things in life.


    1. it's my biggest problem - feeling like I have to wait for some sense of renewal on a calendar when really it's all in the mind! so happy that it helped you focus on the important aspects of life x



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