Monday, 9 February 2015


Hola hola! Week three already Fawnlings?!

Hope you're all well! Apologies for the late p. 2 Tassie post - but you all probably know how it is with the first few weeks of school with the workload, new routine etcetera. Sufficient to say I'd love to switch places with the past me in these photos as it's always a good time for honey ice cream. *side note: if you're ever in Newtown, Sydney and visit gelato blue, the salted caramel and yoghurt ice-cream is out of this world! mmmm

This little town Chudleigh, was nestled between Launceston and Cradle Mountains and it was the cutest little place I've ever set my eyes on (owe Kennett for the recommendation). There were a crazy-in-a-delightful-way hundreds of honey flavours (raspberry flavour? yes please) and my little sisters and I enjoyed getting to see the behind the scenes of a beehive.

My fingers are literally twitching to type a bee-pun but difficult as it is, I'll leave that for instagram,

Stay well and keep kicking procrastination *wink

-N x


  1. Nice photos! I also really like your new background!
    PS. I saw you at genext :)

    1. thank you! oh really?! next time you should definitely say hi hehe 💗💗💗



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