Monday, 16 February 2015


 Flashback time fawnlings!

Going through my hard-drive and found folders of unpublished posts so here's a throwback to last year in Japan in the mountain town I lived in. It's my home away from home and to look back at these photos pull at my heartstrings. I might be going back at the end of this Term so there's the light at the end of the half-yearly exam tunnel. I'm a bit behind in areas and ahead in others so I'll work on my balance and get back to you. These photos were taken when we got lost looking for a tunnel in the mountains and traveled up an abandoned road.

Stay well and in passion pit spirit - take a walk,


- N xx


  1. love these photos!! that family portrait is so cute ^_^

  2. You always have the most gorgeous backdrops in your photos!

    Ashley, not haute

    1. Thank you Ash! travel inspires my backdrops so much haha x



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