Friday, 24 July 2015


Happy Friday Fawnlings!

Its been three-ish weeks since National Art School and I don’t think I’ve made a post for it yet so here’s the photo update. The week was spent with Monday being theory based (3 hour lecture!!), then Tuesday shooting at Cockatoo Island, then throughout the week we also turned a room into a camera obscura (made the room into a camera), visited STILLS Gallery and then the all stress inducing developing negatives and printing/enlarging - which was equally rewarding and madly frustrating. I underestimated how long it takes to develop a single photo and I’ve so many I still want to print!

My tutor/teacher there told us we were learning "to see again" which rings true although I often forgot that the carefully arranged colour schemes or things that popped out at me were fruitless in capturing and I'd have to cut back and focus on light and shadow as the tools to compose.

There are some chaotic & eerie bathroom shots, the beauty that is Annabel (@annabel_honey), puddles and a really talented girl I stumbled across while shooting around the campus reworking Frida Kahlo and rocking a mad jumper that I wish I could have captured in colour.

More updates when I get around to some more developing,

- N xx



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