Sunday, 9 August 2015


Hello Fawnlings!

It feels as though its been a while since I've fiddled with my camera and I have to admit I left it on autopilot while I shivered on the beach. We've had a few rare days in sun-ray heaven and as soon as the sun goes down I can feel the temperature drop immediately.

Not sure if you can tell in the photos or in person but Saturday morning, on the spur of the moment I took out my scissors and snip, snip.... diy undercut. Have you all seen 500 days of summer? Summer's fascination with cutting hair rings very true to me - to think of its importance just imagine your class/friends/family bald. I think its fun to experiment with exterior things just to remind ourselves how temporary we are!

Happy Birthday to the beautiful sunflower Franke! Catching up with friends, protecting pizza from ibis and sandwriting w Mouls :-)

Will catch up soon please send me some productivity vibes,

- N xx


  1. the order of your photos and the quality of them tell stories which I really, really life :--)

    1. Thank you Rachel! I actually spend so long deciding on the order and I'm so happy someone appreciated it! ahaha you've made my day <3



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