Wednesday, 30 September 2015


"i feel so so lucky !!!! thank you world for the best company and weather and the taste of salt in my mouth and hair dripping and running across grass and laughing and falling from spinning in circles and circles as the world is whisked into a blurry mess that i adore and i feel dizzy and giddy and i can’t work out how my heart can hold so much love and expand with so much more and the moon is the colour of blood and we sit in the sand and paddle in the pool and jump off rocks and shiver and we dive under the water and dance and watch sparkling eyes and the sounds of laughter bubbling from my friends and my heart expands and squeal when we step on bindis and friends with cold hands and warm smiles and eating cold chips and sitting in one big huddle like penguins and limbs entwined and dodging waves and my heart keeps expanding im feeling alive and so so lucky 29.09.15" - From my instagram @antleredfawn


  1. These photos are gorgeous! What do you take them on? x



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