Monday, 12 October 2015


Hello Fawnlings!

Year 12 has officially begun today and admittedly I slept in and almost missed my bus. Regardless I am a lot calmer than I thought I would be and the gravity of such a milestone has yet to really hit me (only a matter of time!). 

I aim to remain in this sense of 'zen' for as long as possible while appreciating that this year has so much to offer. It's closer to the big bad world (*cue Kodaline) and its also a time of looking within. My sense of self has always been something I struggle to pin, instead I want to reflect upon all the elements of life which drive my passion. 

Speaking of passion these photos are from the exhibition marking the completion of my black and white film photography course at the National Arts School. Spent two weeks with entertaining, creative friends and I shall forever cherish jamming in the darkroom to Ball Park Music, picking up "translucent material" (plastic rubbish) and sitting in the sun for our cyanotypes and shenanigans during our lunch adventures. 

I have three "major work" type subjects and putting so much of myself and creative energy into them is nerve racking but also madly exciting. It's an opportunity to push myself and light my blood on fire - whatever that involves.

Odd to say when it's still October but nonethelesss here's to a big year! 

- N x


  1. oooooh what are ur major works ? my only one is society and culture and I can already feel that the PIP will test my endurance lolol

    1. Visual Arts, 4 unit Eng and Ext His !! testing endurance is accurate :--)



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