Sunday, 18 October 2015


Hullo Hullo

I hope your weekends have been a success and that some of you went wandering beyond the front door :-) Yesterday, a couple friends and I decided to explore an abandoned warehouse which used to be a furniture factory until it burnt down in 2005. The space is huge and surprsingly un-eerie although perhaps that was due to the company and time of day. 

I like places that are in this state of decay, it warps our perception on how permanent we are - that necessary reality check of how we aren't static immortal beings. It gives a space more character & history and while this place was fairly bare, trying to piece together the odd things we did find (an 80's exercise bike which somehow I forgot to photograph) and a beautiful fluro pink high-waisted skirt fuels one's imagination.

All in all a good place for pondering perspective & heres to a good week!

- N x


  1. Holy moly I love this! I wish there were more abandoned places by me and that I had people to explore them with! My favourite photo is definitely this one: There's something about the lighting that gives it such amazing atmosphere!

    1. It was so much fun! That photo was from when the boys were jumping back down after climbing through a hole to get to the roof. Couldn't help but be slightly worried they would fall through but all went well n no broken bones! :-)) xxx



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