Sunday, 18 October 2015


Announcement over crackly speakers @ blog hq i.e. my chaotic desk;

"If you have a free minute of your day, do yourselves a favour & get on this golden voiced duo backed w talent playing a genre they describe as whiskey on the back of a motorcycle on a tiny island in Greece." 

Her voice is like a melting icecream in the best way possible & his equally sweet + I'm a total sucker for the cassette design. Accidentally stumbled across them live when I was on a 'study break' where there was no study before or after... Quirky vibes and a soft spot for music bred in my suburb, I ended up buying both the CD and the tape and after some trial and error on my sister's CD player I was jamming to their tunes.

If "gritty, mediterranean, reckless abandonment" sounds like you check their tunes here!

- N x

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