Saturday, 21 November 2015


"ICHI, NI, SAN, YON is a student art exhibition, curated by and featuring four artists who all come from a Japanese background. It is a celebratory exploration via a variety of mediums of how these artists have been influenced by their culture and traditions."

Hello folks!

Here are some snaps from my art show yesterday alongside the talented folks; Lara Fasolin (the curator!!), Tara Van Starrex & Owen Fasolin. I want to thank Lara for her creative soul and generously giving me the excuse to get crafty.

Also huge big hugs to all that came in the sweltering heat - it made me so happy to see you all there as we sweated it out together. I really wish my japanese grandparents could have come, but I dedicate all that I made to them. Thinking about what has influenced where I am and who I am makes me realise how strongly tied I am to my hometown in the mountains as well as here in Australia. My first piece that I made for this exhibition "In Limbo" is about this suspension between two locations. There were pieces on racial identity, childhood and dreamscapes and mixed within, is all the strange emotions that I have when I think about what makes me half here, half there.

I hope you all have a splendid Sunday and perhaps ponder about your own backdrop,

- N x

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