Saturday, 12 December 2015


"- teapots hanging in the tree and I pass you my watermelon ice-cream through the fence it’s dripping sweet and we run walk run climb jump pass bags grip your shirt in the dark hands feel the doors the glass the empty hollow lungs of the building beginning its decaying descent into the earth and the walls creak and yawn and sigh their restless sleep and we look through cracks in the cracking peeling skin of the walls as the time of day breathes past the gloom and crude markings grab grins and little words scattered on the wall stay stay stay lost little mantras to hold on by" - N // 11.12.15


  1. Everything about this is so perfect, the photos and the words! I wish I could explore abandoned places.

    x Erin

    1. Thank you Erin your kind words bring the biggest smiles! I hope someday somewhere we could explore a place like this together xx

  2. completely obsessed with this set of photos (as per usual). i want to live in them

    1. yes yess we should sync dream worlds and spend the night exploring and talking to spooks hehe xx



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