Friday, 1 January 2016



Last night as time breathed over from 2015 to 2016, I worked out from our little spot on top of the world - that the sky is the best place to find perspective on a year that is renown to overwhelm. If you look up and see pinholes of light from the zillions of stars that exist, it has an oddly comforting effect. We burn, stars burn and nature will run its course.

I saw three shooting stars and at least one could have been an aeroplane but regardless, I wish for three things with one core word drilled in; balance. Mind, body, soul balance. As I started listing I realised theres a lot more than three things I need to balance and though I know there’s no formula to hit that sweet spot, I strive towards it.

We watched as the horizon twinkled with fireworks at about 15 different locations. We danced, swam, froze and fell asleep under the stars. I want to remember that special dizzy happiness of spinning in circles with Lauren and when I’m down try to immerse myself in that feeling.

Have a good feelin’ place you can take a trip to when you need to remind yourself of the ups of this funny life thing we go through. Burn bright & balance!

Happy 2016 Fawnlings,

N xx

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