Saturday, 9 July 2016



cause and effect
never more blatent 

than when these balls
order themselves

depending on the weight
of your thrust and the
angle of your aim -

the shape of the table
determinedly unpredictable,

other than to those
smarter than we, I suppose.

He suggests we get a poem written. I choose the topic pool. Sleepy angles. Clicking Clanking. Satisfying sounds. Sliding. Collisions. Blue chalk and brown hair. Experimental moves and laughter. Running down the road in my pyjamas and ugg boots because I left my phone in his car. They race me down my street, breathless laughter, haunted hospitals and he teaches us how to find the scorpio constellation by following Mars. Thanking the universe for atoms, billiards, stars and these two people who make this volatile world a place I enjoy to exist in. 


  1. hi hi, just dropping by to say-- when you write in third person, to me, it is reminiscent of Sylvia Plath's and her journal entries at age 18,19 or so-- it's wonderfully and seamlessly, honest, nostalgic and simply pulls at the heart strings :D

    1. oh my !!! that's one heck of a compliment thank you! I've only read a few excerpts of her journal when she was older so I'll definitely check them out :--)

      for some posts it feels closer to the moment by cutting out the rational chronological structure I usually write in and to just follow the flow of memories and emotions x



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