Monday, 11 July 2016


Hello Hello!

Procrasti-posting for the fourth time in a couple days look at me go haha

Had the utter pleasure of jamming to my pals n brilliant musos BEFORE THE KING (check em out here). Lil sis n her pals feature in this post as the life saver brought my camera for me while I was at work. At NEW ROMANTICS exhibition - lots of sweaty dancing, head swaying to the angelic electric spooky sounds of MARA (check her out here) and finished off the night back at pool. Oh and some giggles w the girls strolling into an adult bookshop. Love you loonies. 

To all you fast machines have a splendid last week of hols,

- N xx

While I'm at it, if you have a spare moment to check out Moonlight Feminists please do! (link here) My good pal just wrote a stellar piece that embodies how I feel and the growth I similarly aspire to :-)


  1. i missed these! your photos are always a perfect balance between raw and polished.

    1. eee thanks rachel! honoured you think so :--)



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