Saturday, 24 August 2013


The beautiful birthday girls - Andrea and Kara! 

Hey there fawnling!

This Saturday was a birthday outing for my two beautiful friends Andrea and Kara! Birthdays are great for bringing different groups together and I genuinely had such a great time with people I rarely get to see out of school. Its such an entertaining experience and definitely should happen more often. 

We began the day by having lunch at Bondi's Pizzeria which had a breathtaking panoramic view of the city. Oh and they had really cool lights. Photo-worthy I assure you.
While eating six pizzas and bountiful amounts of garlic bread and chips, we still managed to chat about every topic under the sun. There was a whole ton of instagramming going on and this event was highly documented by about seven cameras/phones. Needless to say I took over 100 photos and about 50% were food (the other 50% were Steph derping and photo bombing). After pizza we headed over to Max Brenner and ate a whole lot of 'nutritious and healthy' chocolate. Steph, Amy, Keevers and I entertained ourselves by running the wrong way up on the escalators and Keevers stacked it during our race. Though it was a just a teeny tiny bit funny ;) I sincerely hope your knees are okay! 

Today's outfit was a black lace/net singlet over a white long sleeve, white knee-length socks and a pink skirt to add some colour. The skirt was matched with my favourite ribbon/bow (not sure if you can see it in the photos but I did wear it!). This outfit suited the weather and I am extremely excited to announce that Spring is just around the corner, cherry blossoms are blooming all around my suburb and make me smile every time I spot their delicate buds. Naturally the song Little numbers by BOY is on repeat; "While Spring is making promises outside".

Speaking of songs this outfit was inspired by Lisa Mitchell's album "Bless this Mess". Go check out her tunes they are sweet and will make you happy.

Have a lovely spring inspired weekend and a big Happy Birthday Andrea & Kara!

- N xx


  1. the video won't play i am crying (this is keevers)(the video was so good though haha)

    1. ugh ugh yeah I'm trying to get it to work atm

      ahaha but I'll message it to you on fb xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you!

      I adore your blog banner!

      - N xx



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